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Let's tailor this design to your needs!


Basic tattoo desings can be downloaded by anyone from all around the world. Customization helps you to make any design unique and really fit your style.


I can change any details, even the smallest ones. Adding names or a date, an extra flower, more planets, removing a few lines, changing the background? It's easy!


Pricing is based on the changes you request, but normally it's around $15-30. The quote you'll receive is the total price of the new design, all changes included.


We can play around and change any details as long as the core design stays the same. If you'd like to get a fully new, custom design, click here.

Customization form

Fill in the form below, tell me all your ideas and I'll get back to you in 48 hours!

Reference design:

Basic tattoo design #157

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We only use your personal information (name, email address) to get in touch with you and start a professional conversation. We don't save it in any form, share it with other companies or publish it in any form.

Important notes

  • I believe a friendly vibe is the key to success, so just tell your ideas like you would tell it to a friend. This makes the whole process more personal and flexible.

  • The price quote you'll receive is the total price you need to pay for the customized artwork, no hidden fees.

  • I accept requests from all countires, no restrictions. Preferred language is English.

  • The new, customized artwork will be yours only, it won't be available in the webshop for others.

Tamas Cserep (owner, artist)
Founded in 2015