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I'm here to help you to find talented and trusted tattoo artists in your area! This is not a sponsored list, not an ad. I hand-picked all these artists because I really admire their work.

All these tattoo artists:

  • work in legal and professional tattoo studios,

  • know my work and style perfectly,

  • have already worked with my designs,

  • and I personally contacted them.

Andreas Vrontis

Limassol, Cyprus

Studio: Vrontis Tattoo Shop
Web: www.vrontistattoo.com
Email: vrontistattoo@gmail.com
Instagram: @tattoovrontis
Facebook: Vrontis Tattoo Shop

Laura Cabrera

Deerfield Beach, FL, USA

Studio: Delatorre Tattoo Studio
Instagram: @itsybitsytattoos
Facebook: Delatorre Tattoo Studio

Molly Murray

Bellevue, WA, USA

Studio: Skin & Soul Tattoo
Web: www.mamurraydesign.com
Email: mollymurrayink@gmail.com
Instagram: @mollymurrayink
Phone: +1 914 815 7212

Víctor Marome

Barcelona, Spain

Studio: Negro Veneno Tattoo
Web: www.negroveneno.com
Email: negrovenenotattoo@gmail.com
Instagram: @negroveneno_
Facebook: Negro Veneno Tattoo

Karolina Kaszner

Budapest, Hungary

Studio: Black Raven Tattoo
Email: karo.kaszner@gmail.com
Instagram: @kaszner_karo
Facebook: Black Raven Budapest

Kimberly Ynciso

Centereach, NY, USA

Studio: Authentic Arts
Facebook: Authentic Arts Tattoo
Email: kay.tumitattoos@gmail.com
Instagram: @kimberly.ynciso

Dres X

Lima, Perú

Studio: 37 Tattoo
Web: www.37tats.com
Email: 37tats@gmail.com
Instagram: @dresx
Facebook: 37 Tattoo
WhatsApp: +51 972 060 640

Seba Echeverria

Astoria, NY, USA

Studio: Symmetry Ink NYC
Web: www.symmetryink-nyc.com
Email: info@symmetryink-nyc.com
Instagram: @sebatattoonyc

Updated: 24-Feb-2022

This is a dynamic list, so new artists will be added continously.

Tamas Cserep (owner, artist)
Founded in 2015
Based in Budapest, Hungary